The G.56 Prototype was flown in March,1944, under German authority. A G.55/I air frame was fitted with the improved DB 603A engine, This engine was the only major change from G.55/I specification, yet it increased the length by 4 3/4 in, the weight by 199KG, and the maximum speed by 64 K.P.H. Retaining the excellent manoeuvrability that characterised almost all Italian fighter designs, the G.56 possessed sufficient speed and firepower (armament being that of the G.55/I) to match any Allied or German fighter on even terms, actually proving itself superior to the BF109G and the FW190A in comparative tests. This aircraft would have absolutely dominated the skies if it went in full production. I still believe the G.55 was the best fighter of WW2, it was simply just too late in the war for it to get recognition and full production.