I think one of the biggest problems surrounding human apathy lies around the fact we live in such a large scale society beyond what we are hardwired for, we lack communities now and so it’s easy to just be cruel to someone you will never see again or the fact you won’t suffer great consequences. When we lived in small communities everything was heard around and if you were treating people wrongly you would be confronted about it and risk a lot more consequences. As well as the internet dehumanising people, we are just so desensitised to a lot more things and are constantly hearing negative things happen to people where it doesn’t effect us anymore. The whole politicising of everything as time progresses is only dividing people more and stripping away their individualism. Creating a lot more apathy. Removing the internet from ones life and trying to stick to a local community would benefit a lot of people who feel that humans are overwhelmingly cruel. I think social media is a place that’s been abused to where it really strips people of their innocence, individuality and compassionate capabilities, because the internet is such a large part of peoples lives in this era, this is starting to slowly impact the way people are in real life, making people slowly more detached, introverted and selfish. Living today is more so a fight on your mental and not so much for your physical as it was in previous eras. Our minds are being pushed into an alienated way of life that we aren’t hardwired for, and adaptability will only go so far before humanity becomes very sick, which in my opinion I already see it as very much sick and dying, not psychically, but mentally. I think it is very much worse. I don’t think any society documented to man has suffered this much mental sickness and been so far away from mental clarity. Social media was originally said to meant to be a place for individual expression and uniting us together, but it’s actually turned out to do the exact opposite on a deeper level. Yes you can have individual expression and you can reach more people, but this has been abused and turned into a very toxic place where a lot of things are one sided, and individual expression has turned into stripping away the youths individualism, setting unhealthy and unrealistic standards that impact life outside of the internet, as I said because the internet is apart of everyone’s life now, these unhealthy standards are forced into the real world. The positive side of all of this is becoming aware of this, once you’re aware of it all you can start to cut out all of these toxic things from your internet life and only surround yourself with an healthy online environment, and connect with like-minded individuals. You can’t force young people off the internet and expect that it will solve everything. The sad truth is they will have to develop this awareness on their own as they age. Restricting the internet from young people is only going to make them find a way to seek it out in a much more unhealthy way. The internet has become too much invested into society to where you can’t just take it away. There’s no reversing this.