“Let people do what they want as long as it doesn’t affect you”

The belief of letting everyone do what they want as long as it doesn’t affect others is a very mainstream belief in western civilisation, which has led to the normalisation of many degenerate behaviours. I believe it’s absolutely necessary to guide individuals down the correct path for the long term health of the population.

The hedonistic apathy of many people during our modern period is very contradictory in itself because letting anyone do what they want will affect someone sooner or later. Society is comprised of individuals and every action of an individual contributes to the fabric of society. Those that claim otherwise are simply refusing to look at the big picture to instead blindly chase after misdirected ideas of liberty.

If one citizen is a porn addicted consumer and says “I’m in my room how is this affecting anyone else”, he can spread his degenerate ideas around to other citizens like a plague destroying our societies moral code. Our libertine ideas have been the downfall of our society and it takes strong men and women to unlock themselves from the hedonistic entitled arrogant programming.

If a citizen is unhealthy and uneducated, he might commit an atrocity against fellow citizens causing harm. We should have authority enforcing laws against such behaviors to keep citizens protected from falling into an unhealthy state. If we let our citizens destroy themselves, then we have failed as a society at becoming strong. The strong will protect the weak as they have in pre historic eras. There is a strong lack of empathy and compassion among one another that is disturbing to see and driven from such desensitization through typically online.

The effects of moral apathy have been widespread. Our ideas of sex has been corrupted by letting subversive elements run through every institution with no resistance. We went thousands of years with normal ideas of sex without having to tell women they don’t need to be strangled to death in order to enjoy it and yet thanks to porn we have this absurd ideas that destroy us. Porn that people claim merely effects the individual and not society at large- a ridiculous claim. A perfect example would be Only Fans, it is very normalized for the most part and thus lots of young women are creating an Only Fans and they suffer little consequences for it. It affects society as a whole despite supposedly just being a transaction between two people, it is causing a lot of men to act on lust hunger destroying their ability to love a woman without having to see her as nothing but a sexual object. This also affects how women see themselves and women having healthy relationships. Who would of thought a talentless woman could make $10k a month while men are getting paid not even half that while risking their lives.

We need to take action against this hedonistic apathy for our society to become clean. In the end doing what you want will always impact someone around you. Protect and guide the weak in your community.