Insomniac –

I lay in my mothers mansion-like bedroom, in a king sized, 70s fitted bed. So many bizarre sounds which can be heard of, an open bathroom to my right with different shades of lighting hitting different angles, leaving a dark tone to the setting. There can be seen a flashing light bulb just outside the door from the bedroom which was slightly open. Unfamiliar patterns, objects all over the room, which horrifies the brain. The TV flashing its brand name, vividly extracting more light around. Lastly, the heat of the room leaves me more restless. All of these things  created such a dark horrifying tone and kept me restless, unable to sleep, so I finally got up and wandered to my own room, where everything is familiar, minuscule and quiet. The lighting is of consistent shading leaving no ill thoughts to the mind. I can finally rest peacefully at last.

Benzo Walk –

After consuming 2 xans from the day before, I was still in a state of abliss, in fact I had felt it hit harder in my system the next day. I thought I’d take a nice walk and listen to music. Beautiful colours all around and lots of butterflies flying by. Normally when I see a stranger pass me I have unwanted thoughts such as the fact they are ruining my beautiful walk by inducing Awkward anxiety. But none of these thoughts were present today and I looked this stranger straight in the eyes as I walked past him, no anxiety, no fear. His presence was irrelevant to my state of mind. As I’m walking I see a stupid politician sign promoting himself so I kick it to the ground. Beside me are cars going at such velocity it makes the hairs on my body lift. What if I just walked straight in front of the car, they wouldn’t have a chance to stop. My body slammed into the ground. My intestines bleeding from the inside awaiting the fate of death. Is this what it feels like to be normal I wonder.